calming, wellbeing, grounding, good luck, stability, self-confidence, protective, creative, strength
trust, courage, confidence, soothing, calm communication, patience, self-love, clarity, integrity, creativity, compassion, absorbs and protects against environmental stressors, EMF protection
serenity, master healer, controls addictive habits, sobriety, clarity, good choice for stress and anxiety, restful sleep, grief, calming, balance mood swings, strengthens immune system, grounding
awareness, peace, compassion, understanding, truth, removes fears with calming energy
inspirational, communication, self-expression, motivation, self-confidence, knowledge, truth, eases sorrow apathy and anger, heals emotional dis-ease
resonates with the energy of the ocean, courage, calming, supportive, brings closure on all levels, soothes fears, increases sensitivity, intuition, luck, fearlessness, protection
luck, prosperity, positivity, calming, comforting, optimism, compassion, balance, stability, creativity, mental clarity
abundance, courage, power, leadership, confidence, compassion, success, energy, focus, stimulates metabolism, motivation, self-trust
the success stone, energizing, cleansing, grounds negative energy, protective, intuition, balances emotions, happiness, success, self-confidence, creativity, enthusiasm, joy, relief from depression stress & anxiety, stimulates the brain, concentration, clarity of thought
Clear Quartz
universal stone, clarity, intuition, balance, purifying, peace, protective, relaxation, enhances and harmonizes other stones
self-confidence, communication, strength, focus, creativity, cleansing, balance, awareness, repels negative energy
love, commitment, sexuality, passion, serenity, controls anger, protects against stress, energizing, balances energy & emotions, courage
stone of ambition, optimism, focuses the mind, personal growth, wisdom, energy, prosperity, courage, decreases anxiety, calming
stability, extremely grounding and protective, healing, decreases stress and anxiety, calming, balances the nervous system, stone for the mind, mental organization, confidence
memory, mental awareness, focus, restful sleep, absorbs anger, relieves stress anxiety and tension, calming, patience, emotional expression
healing, stability, relieves anxiety, no negative energy, provides protection from harm, luck, nurturing, comfort, supportive
positive, healing, courage, grounding, energy, happiness, tranquility, wholeness, determination, support during times of stress
intuition, balance, decreases stress/anxiety, self-confidence, success, determination, hormonal balance, banishes fear, strength during times of change, trust and faith
Lapis Lazuli
stress reliever, helps to overcome depression, self-expression, self-awareness, communication, truth, honesty, compassion, wisdom, active listening, friendship, inner peace
Lava Rock
stability, grounding, balance, energy, strength, courage, protection, guidance, understanding
promotes self-love, eases transition, balance, decreases stress anger & sadness, EMF protection
new beginnings, intuition, empathy, hope, calms emotions, emotional stability, feminine energy, hormone balance, soothes stress and anxiety, inner growth, success in love & business, promotes inspiration, good fortune, great helper for conception pregnancy and child birth
stress, strength, soothing, focus, comfort, stamina, self-control, banishes old habits, spiritual inspiration
man-made, peace, self-worth, self-esteem, strength, transformation, success, soothing, calming, yin-yang balance, stabilizes mood swings
Petrified Wood
grounding, protective, calming, comforting, well-being
protects from harm and danger, good luck, memory, understanding, nourishing, intellect, health, increases energy, overcomes fatigue, powerful for manifestation
“the first aider” stone, emotional balancer, healing, grounds energy, forgiveness, serenity, promotes relaxation
Rose Quartz
unconditional love on all levels, infinite peace, emotional healer, grief, calming, soothing, empathy, well-being, romance, self-love, compassion, forgiveness, trust, tolerance, fertility, protective during pregnancy
Smoky Quartz
grounding, cleansing, healing, protective, overcome negative emotions, helps tolerate difficult times, grief, optimism, balance, relaxation
joyful, intuition, nurturing, luck, good fortune, beneficial for tie-cutting, removes codependency, independence, lifts dark moods, confidence, optimism
Tiger's Eye
protective, great focus and determination, commitment, luck, healing, balance, strength, grounding, focus
powerful mental healer, grounding, clears negative everything, EMF protection, promotes self-confidence, strength, inspiration, compassion, tolerance, dispersing tension stress & pain