Howlite, Blue Quartz + Lava
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Howlite is a very calming stone.  It is excellent for insomnia, especially when it is caused by an overactive mind.  It prepares the mind to receive wisdom and insights.  Howlite teaches patience and helps to eliminate rage and anger.  It also helps to overcome selfishness, strengthening positive character traits.

(-Information provided from The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall)

Blue Quartz is a master healer for any condition.  It reaches out to others and inspires hope, calms the mind, assuages fear, and assists in understanding your spiritual nature.  Excellent for overcoming disorganization, it instills mental clarity and self-discipline and fires creativity.  Blue Quartz is a high vibration stone.

(-Information provided from The Encyclopedia of Crystals and Crystal Therapy)

Lava stone literally comes from the core of the earth!  It is volcano rock and once it cools, it becomes porous and black.  This is known as basalt and can mostly be found in the ocean.  Lava is extremely grounding and balancing but also provides strength and courage when needed.  It gives off intense energy.  These amazing stones are great for infusing with your favorite essential oil.  Just drop your oil right onto the Lava stones and massage in.   Should last approx. 1-3 days.


8mm Howlite, faceted

10mm Blue Quartz, faceted

8mm Lava

Brass hm bead



Extra Small – 6.5 in (Fits 5 in wrist), Small – 7 in (Fits 5.5 in wrist), Medium – 7.5 in (Fits 6 in wrist), Large – 8 in (Fits 6.5 in wrist), Extra Large – 8.5 in (Fits 7 in wrist)

Essential Oil

Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Joy, Lavender

Size Guide

Our bracelets are measured by the length of string, not by wrist size. To ensure a good fit, we recommend adding 1.5 inches to your wrist size.
For example: If your wrist measures 6 inches, you should go with a 7.5 inch bracelet size.